Futurity & Derby Horse Training

Please call us at 602-616-0400 for availability in our reining training program

and an evaluation of your horse. Training facilities located in Montgomery TX (North Houston).

We like to start our reining horses between 2 and 3 years old, depending on the horse's physical and mental state. We will evaluate prospective futurity horses at 2 years old and determine whether they are ready to enter our the training program at Sobral Performance Horses. Every horse is different and we construct their training program based on their physical state and mindset.

"Our primary goal is to ensure that A horse still enjoys their job when their training is complete." 

Reining Horse Training

Performance Horses

Premier Reining Trainer in the Greater Houston Area.

Some horses need additional time to mature both physically and mentally. The training necessary to be competitive in NRHA Futurity classes is extremely demanding and some young horses are not ready to endure the mental and physical challenges. For those who are not ready, we take our time at Sobral Performance Horses to ensure that the horses have both a productive and enjoyable training experience. Our careful approach to not push a horse beyond his capabilities at a young age results in the horses still enjoying their prospective job. These same horses can go on to become great open, amateur, and youth horses.

Monthly training rate: $500/month

Training fees are due the first of each month

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