Intermediate Lessons

The goal for intermediate students is to improve their knowledge and skills of handling horses and work towards balanced and controlled riding. Lessons are specifically designed to allow students to master the cues necessary to build up to more advanced horsemanship maneuvers.

"Every training session should be a positive experience for both the horse and rider."

Committed to providing you with the highest level of instruction and personal attention Sobral Performance Horses provides a safe and relaxed environment that will foster learning for both horse and rider. Our lesson program is individually tailored to fit your needs and experience level - from the beginner who is being introduced to horses for the first time, to the seasoned rider who wants to take their skills to a new level or into the show pen.

The lesson program at Sobral Performance Horses is designed to provide tailored instruction to enable students of all experience levels to gain knowledge and develop good horsemanship skills. Expert horsemanship may take years to develop so it is important to have interim goals and recognize your accomplishments as you advance through our training program. Our instructors will evaluate you during the first lesson to determine your ability level and training needs.

Private & Group Lessons

Advanced Lessons

Refinement of horsemanship skills should be a life-long goal. Our advanced students will acquire specialized knowledge about horses and learn precision control under saddle through instruction of various forms of equestrian sports, such as reining. Advanced students are encouraged to take 60 minute lessons in order to sufficiently warm-up their horse and practice advanced maneuvers.

What To Expect

Due to the unique customized nature of our lesson program, private lessons are recommended. This allows dedicated and individualized instruction from our training staff. Contact us for rates.

Haul-in lessons are also welcome.

Reining Lessons in Houston, Texas 




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Rider Progression Levels

Reining training and lessons are our specialty!

"The ultimate goal of horsemanship is to develop a connection with the horse."

Premier Reining Trainer in the Greater Houston Area.

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Beginner Lessons

Our beginner lessons will introduce students to the nature of horses and methods to safely and effectively control them on the ground and under saddle. Beginner lessons are usually 45 minutes in length. Students will learn to groom, correctly tack the horse before heading into the arena to ride. The actual riding portion of the lesson is approximately 30 minutes long. Following the lesson, the student will untack and cool-down or clean their horse.

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